1. The application for Registration/Admission forms shall besigned by the parents only. If neither of the parents is alive or The Management reserves to itself the right to refuse admission to any student without furnishing any reasons.

2. present, the lawful guardian of the child can sign the form. The form should be accompanied by an authentic document containing the child’s date of birth. The school will accept the date of birth certificate only from Corporation or Anchal Panchayat. Affidavit or Hospital certificate will not be accepted. A Student coming from recognized and affiliated school. Should produce a T.C. with a clear mention of the date of birth.

3. Special attention must be paid while entering the name and date of birth of the child in the form as subsequent changes will not be permitted.

4. Admission to Playway section is open throughout the year.

5. Registration for admission to LKG, the child should be between 3 ½ and 4 ½ years of age on 1st of April of the year in which admission is sought.

6. The admissions to other classes will be governed by the above rules.

7. Admissions are done on the basis of an interview and entrance test.

8. For withdrawal of a student from the school , at least, one calendar month’s notice must be given in writing, other wise a calendar month’s fee will be charged.

9. The school management acting through the principal will request the withdrawal of a student who fails for two consecutive years in the same class.

10. The name of the pupils who remain absent without leave for two school weeks shall be struck off the rolls.

11. Enrollment to the school implies on the part of the pupils and parents willingness to comply with requirements and requlations of the school.