80% attendance is required for all the students to appear in the final examination.

Leave is not granted except on prior written application from parents.

A students returning to school after suffering from infectious or contagious diseases should produce medical certificate permitting him to do so.
Parents shall be expected to give one month notice for the withdrawal of their ward.

Punctuality and regular attendance, earnest in home assignments and good behavior in and outside the school are always insisted.

Admission are done on the basis of an interview and entrance test.

All fees will have to be paid monthly / quarterly by the 10th day of the calendar month, else a late fee of Rs. 10 will be charged each day.

Re-admission is granted will be done oon payment of a readmission fee.

Students will not be allowed to take any examination / unit test unless all dues of fee and annual charges are cleared on time.

Parent shall abide by all direction, rules and regulation contained in the bulletin of information.